The Book Depository (free shipping!)

Heyo Bookaholics!

As some of you may know, The Book Depository has been mentioned on my blog numerous times as a place to purchase books (both paperback and hardback) online. I use this site religiously as I am an avid reader and book lover and I have also become an affiliate of the site.

The Book Depository supplies new books, in both hardback and paperback format, as well as a small selection of bookish related miscellaneous goods from a variety of publishers and authors. They ship free to a large number of countries across the globe and the prices are always lower than the RRP for the item.

They have a great contact support system and if you create an account you can sort books into multiple wishlists for when you (or someone who loves you) has money to purchase the books.

Book depository

As I have mentioned I am an affiliate and this means that I gain a commission if you use this link – – to purchase your books on The Book Depository.

So please help me out. Click on the link and Happy Shopping 🙂