Unboxing My Perfect Foundation & Review – Beauty Guru Pt.3b

Heyo Bookaholics and Humans Alike!

I have the foundation and it’s amazing!!!!

Before I start my ramblings and review, I just want to let you all know that this post is a part 2 of the Buying The Perfect Foundation post I uploaded last week. This post can be read separately but for context I’d love if you could click the link above and have a read!

In my last post I spoke about my research on the best recommended foundation on the website: http://www.reviews.com/foundation, and following this, my experience shopping in Sephora. I concluded the post by saying that I purchased the foundation online (as they didn’t have any in store).

So here we are; I have received my goodies and I am ready to give you my opinion on the foundation, and see if my thoughts coincide with those expressed on the reviews site.

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Finding The Perfect Foundation – Beauty Guru Pt.3a

Heyo Bookaholics!

So I need a new foundation….

Hi! I’m back at it again with the Beauty Guru stuff. If you’ve been here from the start of this series, you’ll know that this post has definitely been a long time coming. In the first post in my Beauty Guru series; Learning How To Do Make-up, I spoke about how the foundation I currently use just wasn’t doing it for me and I really needed a new one, something to make me feel confident and special when I wear it.

I don’t wear makeup regularly, if at all, but lately I’ve been wanting to experiment with makeup a lot more and to do that I need a good base; or should I say foundation! To be completely honest with you all, I always had it in my head that  Continue reading “Finding The Perfect Foundation – Beauty Guru Pt.3a”

My Favourite Lipstick & It’s Tragic Story… – Beauty Guru Pt.2

Heyo Bookaholics!

I’m pretty excited about this post, because I have found the most perfect everyday lipstick for me. It is smooth, pigmented, and beautifully scented, though despite the wonderful scent, I’d recommend never tasting it.

But a bad thing has happened….img201802011929361815544328.jpg Continue reading “My Favourite Lipstick & It’s Tragic Story… – Beauty Guru Pt.2”

Learning How To Do Make-Up! – Beauty Guru Pt.1

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It’s only 5 days till Christmas and what better time it is for me to learn how to do make up! I have had my artistically talented best friend come over to my house to show me the basics, and the fiddly bits as to how she does her make-up so well. And so you think the story would end in me tragically destroying my face with an eyeliner marker; but alas! It did not, keep reading and you will see how talented I can be 🙂

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