Why Do We Own Multiple Editions of The Same Book??

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I got this idea from the two copies of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare I own. You see, and I’m sure you can all relate; I’ve never read the second copy. I bought the first copy online when it first came out and I read it in 3 days, but when I purchased the second one, it was a cover buy, impulse decision because of how pretty and exclusive the cover was, and also the fact that it was hardback, signed, and had a map! This book now sits on my shelf, and though I am very proud of it, it got me thinking: why do I even have it if I haven’t read that exact copy?

There are multiple reasons why I keep the fist edition of Lady Midnight as well as the second more fancier edition:
– two different cover artworks;
– both are signed;
– I read the first one and it is quite sentimental to me;
– it’s my first ever Cassandra Clare book!

I think it may be the act of owning or even purchasing another book that increases the appeal of having multiple copies of the same story, it gives us the same sense of triumph as collecting a new item in a collection, like Pokemon cards – still the same cardboard card but different Pokemon hence different worth.

What Books Do You Have Multiple Copies Of And Why Do You Keep Them?


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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

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Last November, I was tagged by Nicole and Linda over at Pages Pixies for The Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you so much again guys for nominating me, and I recommend you all go click on the link above to check out their blog, then come back here and enjoy this tag!

This is my first blogger award and to be honest, I didn’t think I would ever be nominated for one – especially not this soon. 2016 was all about achievements for me. Finishing the worst year of High School, reaching 500 followers on Instagram, and I have managed to make (and keep) a consistent blogging schedule for over 4 months now, as well as establish a pretty cool them on my Instagram.


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8 Bits of Advice From and 18-Year-old

Shout out to Bri @ PaperbackBrii for allowing me to use some prompts mentioned in her 18th Birthday post back in November. Please go follow her blog as well because she’s the coolest and practically my twin 🙂


Welcome to The Inbetween!

I am calling today The Inbetween. And no, this isn’t the space between worlds in Stranger Things; today is the day in-between two important birthdays. Just yesterday I was pronounced an adult at my 18th birthday party on the shores of Adelaide beach, and tomorrow I will celebrate two years of blogging on Jasper + Spice with a nice 4am wake-up call.

So to celebrate my coming of adulthood, I have compiled a list of 8 bits of the most important advice that I have learned throughout my 18 years of existing upon this earth.


1. You are NOT a ‘mature adult’.

You will never be a ‘mature adult’ no matter how many times you say it allowed to yourself. No one is a mature adult. When we grow up, we are expected to ‘mature’ and conform to the societies standards of an adult. In reality, the only way to grow old is to leave your childhood behind. yes become more mature and gain more knowledge but never stop being a child.

2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

You’ve probably heard of this from just about everyone you know, but please hear me out!

Being a teenager is all about routine. Wake up early, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, homework, sleep early. But some of us teens like to be spontaneous, going to bed late, waking up late and groggy in the morning. It becomes an endless cycle which leads to loss of time before school and the one thing everyone seems to sacrifice is BREAKFAST.

But why sacrifice breakfast? An English study reported in The Guardian newspaper showed that “while 68% of pupils eat before leaving home, 32% do not”, and trend is not only seen in England, rather all over the world, with 1 in 5 South Australians a going adolescents going to school on an empty stomach.

A 2013 Australian study showed that children and adolescents who skipped breakfast were much more likely to have inadequate intakes of thiamin, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium and iron. A lack of these vitamins lead to decreased concentration levels in class, which results in poor/ declining grades.

Solution: Even if you get to school with two minutes to spare you can still eat. The truck is to pre-pack your bag with enough food that you can have a snack when you get to school, especially if you know that you run on a tight schedule in the morning. I published a post detailing the benefits of packing your food the night before which is worth taking a look at if you are usually tight for time.

3. Sanitary items must have place in every purse and bag you own.

This isn’t just for my female readers out there. If you are a kind and caring human being – or just one that menstruates – please do not put yourself in the same position I ended up in and put a few pads/ tampons/ or alternative method of capture in every bag you own. You never know when that black tote you bought when you were 12 will match your outfit when you turn 17 and bam! you (or a friend) is stranded in the bathroom all bloody and out of faith.

4. Always bring a jacket.

Please hear me out! Your mothers are probably nodding along with this and saying “I told you so”, but believe me you will (whether you think you do or not) need a jacket. As we are all aware, no one can accurately predict the future and whether can change in an instant. I have been caught in bad weather many times, and watched my friends run for cover as I calmly pulled my hoodie over my head and strolled after them. I only have my WOG mother to thank for this.

5. Use a coaster when handling hot drinks.

This may sound like a funny thing to you, but trust me it is a normal thing I hear whenever I grab a hot drink.

Me: *walks into loungeroom with hot tea*
Mum: get a coaster out
Me: *is still standing at the door*
Mum: don't put that on the table
Me: *sighs heavily*

That is a real conversation with no exaggerations between me and my mum. Though this may sound utterly ridiculous; if you spill liquid (especially hot liquid) on a timber table, the table will stain. It is never appealing to see a table with water rings all over it.

This has also taught me manners and to respect the furniture and items in both mine and other people households that I am blessed to have and use. I make an effort to ask for and use coasters at other people’s houses as a show of respect.

6. You will miss school when you leave.

Okay, maybe you won’t miss the actual school – although I kinda do – you are guaranteed to miss the routine that comes with attending school. In reality, I am lost and I have no idea what to do with all the freedom I now have. I also don’t see my friends anymore and unlike the weekends where I would be relieved to be separated for some time, I have to stop myself from saying “I’ll show you on Monday” because there are no more ‘Mondays’. Now I actually have to make an effort to see them.


I made a post all about this in the Back To School Series (2016) I did on this blog last year. The post is titled To Do Lists Printables and includes many types of printable To-Do Lists as well as tips for creating lists to get work done efficiently and on time.

8. Don’t do Drugs and Stay in School.

So I needed 8 points and I only had seven when this post needed to be published, and this is what my friend had to say. I believe it speaks for itself.

Please please please respect your body, your mind, and your soul. Value your education because you are part of the next generation of great minds and you have been given the potential to do something great. Use it. Also use the resources available to you to assist in your journey to greatness and knowledge, because now in the 21st century, there are all sorts of resources and people willing to help you reach your final destination.

The people who have sent you to school and the people who are proving you an education believe in you and you should believe in yourself. They want to fill your mind with knowledge and help you become a better person. Please do not throw your life away or some cheap thrill.


And lastly, here are 2 big pieces of advice that I have learned from the two years that I have been running this blog, Jasper +Spice.

2 Best Pieces of Advice From 2 Years of Blogging.

1. Schedule Posts Ahead of time

2. Follow other (like-minded) blogs to increase blogger interaction


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Day!!


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Wednesday 🙂


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Captain America Book Tag

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As you may not know, I have a massive Marvel obsession. Last year I dedicated a few days of my time to watch the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe in order including the Netflix original series, though I am yet to watch Dr. Strange.

I have many favorite characters in the Marvel franchise, but my top 5 are: Phil Coulson, Matt Murdock, Natasha Romanoff, Peggy Carter and of course Steven Grant Rogers a.k.a Captain America!!

So without further ado, let’s begin the tag!

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What is the Difference Between a Cliche and a Trope?

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Welcome to the first Stoytime Wednesday, where I attempt to understand the difference between a cliche and a trope.

This confusion came about when I was reading Third Time Lucky by Karly Lane, a book that would never have thought to pick up if it wasn’t sent to me by Allen & Unwin; and I came across many many cheesy cliches and tropes. My favourite trope that appeard in this story was the get good to get back trope, where a charcater who was one shunned by the community comes back years later, rich and living a better life than everyone to rub it in their faces and take their property.

I found a very good explanation on the site dragonscanbebeaten.wordpress.comwhere he quotes Adam Heine who provides the best explanation of tropes and cliches, and how they’re used.

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New Year. New Goals.

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

Happy New Years Everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely first of Jan and didn’t do anything too crazy (like read too many books). My New Years was spent watching the Adelaide fireworks from the balcony of our beach house and dancing to loud pop music till the wee hours of the morning.

You’re all probably thinking why is the blog header different to the title? and why is it so damn cheesy??” Well my dear bookaholics, to tell you the truth when I made the header I totally forgot the title of this post and that happened; but the blue text represents the new blue theme that I am going to start on my bookstagram account with my new camera!


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Yearly Wrap-Up, School Stories + Book Hauls!

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I want to start this yearly wrap-up by firstly wrapping up the most recent month of December, where I only read one and a half of the books I planned to read in my Summer TBR post. This post will include, school stories; Highlight of the Year; All the Books I Hauled in 2016; My Favourite Books I bought and read in 2016; My favorite posts on Jasper + Spice from this year; as well as my blog journey this year and thank you’s!

Without further ado, let’s get on with this post because it is going to be a very very very long one, and I don’t want you to miss a single word of it.


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The Book Of Shhh by Lauren Oliver | eBook Review

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Goodreads Review:

A perfect companion to Lauren Oliver’s bestselling Delirium trilogy, The Book of Shhh expands on excerpts included in the original series. Lauren Oliver delves deeper into the world created in the Delirium trilogy and provides fans with an in-depth look at the terrifying society that her characters live in. This free novella includes case studies, exercises, invocations, quotes, proverbs, and detailed information on amor deliria nervosa.

The Book of Shhh, or the Safety, Health, and Happiness Handbook, describes the perils of amor deliria nervosa. In today’s society, thanks to the cure and its enforcement, our citizens are more productive and committed to their jobs, political organizations, and social impact than ever before. The following excerpts are meant to give portability to a small portion of its materials so that elements of its wisdom may be available for reference on the go.

Do not rely on the following excerpts to diagnose, treat, or address evidence of amor deliria nervosa. Should you believe that you or someone in your family might be infected, call the National Health Services hotline immediately, or seek the care of a professional physician at once.

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Popular Books To Read In The New Year

Welcome back Bookaholics!

I still cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow! This year has been a rollercoaster for me, not just in school but aslo in trying to keep my blog up and running; but I can proudly come to the end of the year and say that I have accomplished much much more than I ever expected.

So I was watching YouTube one day – as one does to avoid doing anything productive – and I stumbled upon a video Kat from Katytastic made a while back about Popular books she hadn’t read, it was a funny coincidence because I was just thinking the same thing before I click onto the video. I watched it and nodded along with some of the books she had mentioned and felt what some would call ‘shame’.

I have now learnt that I am not alone in having not read many unpopular books, and other people have this problem as well, so don’t judge me when I say I haven’t read the following series;

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Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children | Movie Review

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As mentioned in my review for Library Of Souls, the last book in The Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children trilogy by Ransom Riggs, I said that I would post a review for the movie as soon as it was released, and though it is 3 months from the release date I am posting this review as I have very strong (negative) feelings about the movie.

Let me start by saying that I am not a movie reviewer and I do not know any movie lingo to be able to deconstruct this movie but I can give my honest opinion on the movie.

I would also like to say that the movie is a very well constructed – obviously, considering was directed by the amazing Tim Burton – but as a fan of the books which as amazing pieces of literature, this movie does them no justice. No justice at all.

miss_peregrine_film_posterIMBD Summary:

When Jacob discovers clues to a mystery that stretches across time, he finds Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. But the danger deepens after he gets to know the residents and learns about their special powers.

Director: Tim Burton

Writers:Ransom Riggs (based upon the novel written by),  Jane Goldman (screenplay)

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