The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag!

Hello Bookaholics!

I have received some aethetically pleasing books from Allen & Uniwn over the past few months that I am yet to read and I have found this book tag that allows me to show off these books and some of my own!

I found this tag on the DreamlandBookBlog (where I find many of the tags I complete); though it was created by Book Syrup on YouTube. A link to the original can be found here.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

Last November, I was tagged by Nicole and Linda over at Pages Pixies for The Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you so much again guys for nominating me, and I recommend you all go click on the link above to check out their blog, then come back here and enjoy this tag!

This is my first blogger award and to be honest, I didn’t think I would ever be nominated for one – especially not this soon. 2016 was all about achievements for me. Finishing the worst year of High School, reaching 500 followers on Instagram, and I have managed to make (and keep) a consistent blogging schedule for over 4 months now, as well as establish a pretty cool them on my Instagram.


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Captain America Book Tag

 Hey Ho Bookaholics!

As you may not know, I have a massive Marvel obsession. Last year I dedicated a few days of my time to watch the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe in order including the Netflix original series, though I am yet to watch Dr. Strange.

I have many favorite characters in the Marvel franchise, but my top 5 are: Phil Coulson, Matt Murdock, Natasha Romanoff, Peggy Carter and of course Steven Grant Rogers a.k.a Captain America!!

So without further ado, let’s begin the tag!

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The Secret Life of A Book Blogger Tag

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

I was tagged by Nicole and Linda over at Pages Pixies to do the Secret Life of a Book Blogger tag! Thank you so much again guys for tagging me, and I recommend you all go click on the link above to check out their blog, then come back here to read about my secret life as a book blogger!


What is the best part of [book blogging]?

Being a part of a community that understands each other and don’t judge me for loving books, and most recently, receiving free books from publishers.


I also love that I have an excuse to use gifs like this one from my favourite movies and make pop culture references that no one but my readers will understand.

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Goodreads Book Tag!

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

What book lover doesn’t love Goodreads?? It’s so easy to use and is a great platform to converse with other book lovers and bloggers, and make new friends! I like to use Goodreads to keep track of the books I read and coverse with friends; but it can be sed for so so much more.

On Paperback Bri‘s blog, she said that ‘the Goodreads Tag was created by Kayla @ Spiral Bookmark but the original video seems to be have been deleted.’ So I would like to extend a thank you to Kayla for craeting the tag.


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The Hammer of Thor + Asgardian Book Tag

This Book Tag has been inspired by the upcoming release of Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor, the second book in the Magnus Chase series by Rick Riordan which will be published on October 6th. It is no way sponsored by the publisher or author.


Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor is the second book in the Gods of Asgard series by Rick Riordan, and will be released on October 4th.
This novel follows Magnus Chase as he embarks on his journey to find Thor’s hammer. Why you ask? Well the thunder god has a disturbing habit of misplacing his weapon–the mightiest force in the Nine Worlds. But this time the hammer isn’t just lost, it has fallen into enemy hands. If Magnus Chase and his friends can’t retrieve the hammer quickly, the mortal worlds will be defenseless against an onslaught of giants. Ragnarok will begin. The Nine Worlds will burn. Unfortunately, the only person who can broker a deal for the hammer’s return is the gods’ worst enemy, Loki–and the price he wants is very high.
Pre-Order your copy from the Book Depository in Hardback or Hardback and Paperback.


Asgardian Book Tag


(ft. characters from Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard series)

There are 9 worlds in the Norse Mythology including Asgard. Asgard is one of the Nine Realms, more specifically the one inhabited by the Aesir tribe of Norse gods. Asgard is ruled over by Odin and his wife, Frigg. I spoke of Norse Mythology a bit in my Magnus Chase Anticipation post almost a year ago.

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Spring Book Tag

Hey Bookaholics, it’s finally Spring!

I saw this tag posted on The Reader & The Chef, and I knew I just had to do it! This Spring Tag is hosted by Beyond The Book Reviews and I’m Mad For Books, Luv which they posted back in March of this year when it was Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

spring questions(1)

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Olympics Book Tag!


It’s nearly the end of the Olympic season and I have seen many book bloggers participating in this challenge including The Innocent Smiley, a blog I stumbled upon while on a follow spree on Bloglovin’. This challenge was created by Shannon from It Starts At Midnight, all of the banners used in this post were created by Shannon and are credited to her.

I’m so excited to do this challenge, even though I haven’t been watching the Olympics, I love completing blog challenges. Just a warning: there may be some spoilers in this post. So here goes!



The Book Theif!

So as many of you may know, I LOVE The book Theif! It is my all time favourite read and of course I had to find a place for it in this post.

I purchased this book accidentally because I thought I needed to read it for school (which I didn’t) and as soon as I read the first line, I fell in love immediately. My favourite thing about this book is the layout. The way death attributes a colour to the events that occur in each of the chapters at the beginning really helped me understand the mood of the characters and give a better understanding of death as an entity.



Looking For Alaska

One of my top two favourite John Green books, second to Paper Towns of course. This book terrifies me but amazes me at the same time. It’s kind of ironic how I put it up for the Favourite Road Trip award since Alaska dies in a car crash… (sorry).



Clockwork Princess

The whole Infernal Devices series is one massive love triangle to be completely honest, and I think that is what makes the story so much fun to read. The love between Tessa, Will and Jem is so pure and friendship-driven that even though both hotties men have courted the same woman, they still manage to stay friends, kill demons and save the world.



The Museum of Intangible Things

I went into this book excited and full of enthusiasm. It’s beautiful cover caught my eye straight way, but the excitement quickly diminished once I was about two pages in. I was quite disappointed and attempted to persevere in reading, but I didn’t even reach the middle when I had to give up. This is the first book I’ve ever given up on and I am not proud but it had to be done.



Beneath The Skin

I absolutely loved this book! Incase you haven’t heard, this book, although being fifteen years old now, the mystery is still as suspenseful as ever. I’m not going to rant about this, because you’ll have to read it yourself to experience the mystery and suspense encapsulated within the pages.



The Kill Order

The amount of death in this book may not be as much as many other books that have assassins as the protagonist; but the way in which the people die, and the development of the main characters into purposeful murderers, makes the bloodshed and killing much more gruesome and numerous than it is.



The Eye Of Minds

Not so much the book but the whole series. The Mortality Doctrine Series was practically a waterslide of plot twists and turns, and as soon as I trusted a character, BAM! they’re evil. BAM! they’re dead. BAM! they’re not even real!



Zac & Mia

Need I say more?



The Epidemic

I have written a review for this book which I finished quite recently after nagging the librarians at my school for months to buy this book. I loved this book because it explained the origin of the epidemic through the eyes of Quinn MacKee, but I found that the events leading up to Quinn finding Marie were quite slow and ordinary in a sense that the events related too closely to everyday life.



Judy Moody

This was the first box set I ever received and to this day, has got to be my most memorable Birthday present I’ve ever received.



The Northern Lights

Also known as The Golden Compass, this novel features animals in the form of daemons as well as a giant talking Polar Bear named Iorek Byrinson.



The Casual Vacancy

Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing book, and not because it was written by J.K. Rowling, but because it addresses themes that are taboo and hard to understand, and Rowling addresses them and the people in these situations with respect and in an appropriate manner.

I struggled to get through this book because it is was not written for my age group and I know that this is not a great explanation, I could not fully understand the depth of the themes and their impact on real life.



The Rest of Us Just Live Here

I was originally going to put The Game of Lives up for this prize, but the first book – The Eye of Minds – was already nominated for the A Book With A lot of Plot Twists award, and I thought that I should feature a totally different book here.

This novel was a really fun read for me. Although not one of Patrick Ness’s greatest works, I had quite a fun time reading this and loved the close understanding friendship of the characters. This group is #friendshipgoals. The way Mikey’s friends help him out of his OCD loops and can recognise the symptoms before they start show the uncommon closeness and love that flows between the group of teenagers.



Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Because The Quidditch World Cup and Triwizard tournament ar both genuine Olympic sports. Do not tell me otherwise.


Did you enjoy this post?

 I enjoyed completing this tag! I would love to gain some feedback from you guys as readers as to what type of content you enjoy seeing on this blog, as I have many more tags I hope to post in the future, and many more book reviews.


Enjoy watching the rest of the Olympics; if you don’t do that, Happy Reading 🙂


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