What Book Do I Read Next?

Hello Bookaholics!

It is nearing finals time, which that means ultimate procrastination and because of this I am currently coming out of my dreaded book slump.

Ever since I started uni three months ago I have only started two books; Nevernight by Jay Kristoff, which I am putting on hold; and Somewhere in the Shallow Sea by Dennis Macaraeg which I am so close to finishing. Because of this, I need help choosing my next read.
I have a ton of books that have been sent to me over the past few months that I am yet to read, but I really can’t chose which ones to read first! Below are the books and their release dates, please leave a comment below with the title of which book you would like me to read and review next.

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Increase Efficiency & Make your lunch after your dinner!

Welcome back guys!

Today I am back with another Life Hack/ Organisation post that will hopefully provide you with some much-needed advice and motivation to living happy and healthy (despite the junk food presented in the cover image).

If you remember, I did a  post last month titled “12 Things I do To Stay Organised & Stress-Free”, which outlines the things I do that are guaranteed to help anyone stay organised and stress-free. In this post I outline reasons why it should be common practice to make your lunch after you have finished your dinner.

  1. There is food everywhere!
  2. You have time to make your lunch, preventing you from running around like a crazy person in the morning and pulling together an unsatisfying concoction usually consisting of a tuna can and bread – which I have done many times. Hence saving time to do other stuff the following morning.
  3. You will save money because you’re not buying your lunch.
  4. You will eat healthier since you are not eating out and you’ll know what is going into your mouth, making you feel a lot less guilty about what you are eating.
  5. You won’t pack more food than necessary. Since you have just eaten dinner, you are now full and will not want to eat anymore, hence you will be less willing to pack more food for the next day. do not feel the need to pack lots of food for the next day.
  6. You will feel healthier, and your body will thank you 🙂

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To Do List Printables

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the second post in the 2016 Back to School Series: To-Do List Printables. 

As I mentioned in my most recent post about organisation (link here); I absolutely love creating timetables. But there is one other organisation tool I rely on just as much as timetables, and they are to-do lists!

The Holy Grail of organisation tools. For people with little time and lots to do.

Below, I’ve attached a few links and descriptions to to-do list printables; including some of my favourite places to buy to-do list planners for the not-so-creative souls, who just want a quick fix planner and aren’t afraid to spend the money.
First up is a printable I found to help me complete my last minuite homework in the last two weeks of school holidays. It is by The Project Girl and is only a two week planner but has boxes which splits the day in three parts for efficient time management.


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Staying Organised

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first post in the 2016  Back to School Series: Staying Organised.

One of the biggest issues I have faced, especially in my last two years of High School has got to be organisation.

Since the start, I wanted to do a post that would benefit all of my readers, hence leading to the creation of this short (but detailed) list of study/ organisation tips, of what I feel, have caused me to succeed keeping organised and reaching my goals.


i really need to study - have no time for rubbing out workbooks!!!

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