Storytime Wednesday: My Amazing Day and Other Stories by Yours Truly.

Hello Bookaholics!

Welcome back to another Storytime Wednesday! Of those of you that follow me on Instagram probably know, yesterday was an amazing day for me. Throughout the whole day, my spirits were high and I felt like I was walking on the softest clouds all day. There was a buzz inside of me that didn’t want to be calmed down, and I thought of how I couldn’t relate to any book character, as not many of them are upbeat, rather troubled and always going through some sort of struggle.

Uni work and emotions have been dulling my mood lately and recently, I have been learning to appreciate and see value in the little things in life. So when I finally did, it felt like a breath of fresh air to have a day where I totally appreciated the world.

It was really the little things that made my day really amazing, such as;

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Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

Hello Friends, Family and passers by, as the title suggests, this post will be about the ‘unboxing’ of my new Kikki.K planner and what my thoughts are on it so far.

A few months ago now, my mother purchased for me theย Tangerine Planner in a large sizeย from Kikki.Kย .ย This planner was on sale at almost 50% off which was an amazing sale because the products in store are super expensive. Just so you know this particular planner and other planners in this range are NOT on sale anymore, but they still sell planners, just in different colours and styles.

I was super excited when I got home and found this on my desk. I tried to act all chill, but inside I was screaming and well staying true to my blogger nature, I took a billion photos before I even took it out of the package. Trust me it was super hard to not rip it open.

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