Why Do I Have So Many Library Books?! // STW

Heyo Bookaholics!

I’ve been trying to think of more obscure things to share with you, and I think I hit the jackpot with this one; because I have acquired a good quantity of Library books from my school library.

Yeah crazy right?!

So how did I get them?


No! I didn’t steal them. I was a very good student and a good friend of the librarians; and that my friends is where my story starts… Continue reading “Why Do I Have So Many Library Books?! // STW”


Storytime Wednesday: Librarians Are Angels

Hello Bookaholics!

Lets forget about all those meanie librarians that we see in movies and (rarely) in our everyday lives; and let us focus on those God sent angel librarians who look after us book lovers by chatting to us, recommending us new books to read, and best of all giving us free books.

This is just a small appreciation post for all the librarians out there who help us with pretty much everything; from something as small as finding the right book that suits your current mood, to the most difficult school projects that even they can’t decipher but they help anyways, because they are angels.

And even though they may tell us off and be a little bit grouchy, we must understand that they try their best to keep the library as pristine as their homes, and the people that disrespect that only make the job harder.

So just a big thank you to all of them. Every librarian, but especially the one that helped me with my project throughout years 9 and 10; and the woman who pointed me towards the fantasy section and told me to ‘take my pick’; but especially the person whos face lit up like Christmas when I pulled tens of books from my shopping bag when I was younger, and I proclaimed proudly that I had read them all! The praise has lead me to continue reading and mirror the joy I see in the faces of librarians; because reading can do amazing things for everyone and I am living proof.

Thank your favourite librarian down in the comments and tell me how they/ or just reading in general changed you.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here Saturday with a Book Tag 🙂


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What I’ll be reading in September/ October + Blog news!

Hello Bookaholics, and welcome to Spring!

As the title suggests, today I will be discussing the books I will be reading in September and October, as well some news about this blog which I am super excited to share with you all!

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The Epidemic by Suzanne Young | Review | *spoiler free*



Ever since I finished reading The Remedy – the third installment in The Program series – almost five months ago, I have been asking and quite literally begging (and bugging) the librarians at my school library to buy Suzanne Young’s newest release, and latest installment in The Program series; The Epidemic. 
The Epidemic is the fifth installment in The Program series. So far, this series consists of four books and one ebook (which I read quite recently).

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August Wrap-Up + Haul

Hello Bookaholics,

It has not been long since my last post (only 4 days if I counted correctly). I am so proud of myself for keeping up with my blogging lately because I have lots more posts scheduled for your entertainment coming. But without further ado, let’s review the books I managed to read – and buy – in the month of August!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
My TBR pile as it started out at the end of July

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June Wrap-Up

This is my first  Wrap-Up on my blog!

During the month of June, I read only three books;

  • Every Day
  • Another Day
  • Illuminae

Believe it or not, the first two, smaller, young adult romance novels; Every day, and Another day by David Levithan took me wayyy longer to read than the larger, 600-page Si-Fi novel Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

Illuminae, surprisingly only took me two days to read. I was so hooked, I had trouble physically putting it down for more than a few minutes at a time, and I would’ve finished it earlier if I hadn’t had to attend work halfway through my reading spree.

I haven’t found a copy of Gemina anywhere! But when I do find a copy, I’ll most likely buy it, much to my mothers distain.

Have you all heard about the movie adaptation of Illuminae that is being planned with Brad Pitt? Let me know what you think of it down in the comments below.


Bye for now,

Bree xx

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Make It Lovely| All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven | Review

A few weeks ago I finished All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.

All The Bright Places is a stand-alone novel about a girl named Violet Markey, who has lost her sister and is now living day-by-day with this intense longing for the future burning inside of her. She longs for the day when she finishes high school and goes to college in order to escape the confinements of her small town. The book also follows Theodore Finch who holds a deep fascination for death and has had many attempts at suicide, but every time he tries, something good, no matter how small gets in his way.

During this particular attempt, it is Violet who re-markey-ably gets in Finch’s way of self-termination. Finch knows that this is a good thing and wants to know more about why she got in his way of death. It isn’t until history class, where, as the result of a group project Violet and Finch begin their journey to explore Indiana’s “natural wonders”  and Violet learns to start living out her days instead of counting them down.

But as Violet’s world begins to grow and fill will love and wonder; Finch’s world begins to shrink.

This is an intense novel compared to the likes of John Green, Rainbow Rowell, Gayle Forman, Jenny Downham, and Jay Asher. It opens our minds up to mental health and how love can do crazy things.


My initial thoughts when I was reading, up until halfway through the book were;

”I do NOT like this book!”

But I kept reading it anyways because I had this voice in my head saying; “It will get better. Was it right? Damn right it was!

It got better in a suspenseful and I-want-to-throw-this-book way. From around-about the middle of the book to the end, I was gripping and turning the pages so hard and fast I was terrified. Terrified for Finch and Violet. Terrified for their future. And Terrified I was going to tear the pages out of the book. But I was also intrigued. Every place they visited I added to my list. From the very first one – the tallest hill in Indiana, to the deepest bluest lake. These places and the characters love for adventure and Niven’s artistic arrangement of words kept my hands glued to the book.

Just as Finch told his younger sister to; Jeniffer Niven made the book lovely. Because if I learnt one thing from Finch, it was that you must accept all the bad things in life as a learning curve and all the bad words are there acting as a stairway, leading up to the loveliness at the top. Don’t hate on the bad words because that’s it will makes you a bad person yourself. Love the bad words and turn them into something sweet.

“Make them Lovely.”

I don’t normally cry when I read but personal letters – especially heartfelt letters to those who have died – really crack my heart open and make the book seem so much more real to that I begin to choke and tear up as I feel a real connection with the character on a more intimate and personal level that almost feels like an invasion of privacy. Something that is so taboo it causes a great ache and pain that I will never understand. It makes me feel privileged and loved. To go out and love and not lose sight of what I have in front of me.

Although I was quite disappointed that it took around 170 pages for me to really get engaged and connect with the book; I didn’t really understand what all the hype was about that surrounded the book at its release. I do know one thing, and it is that this book came from the heart of someone who had experienced this deep and immense pain and she was willing to open her heart and share her story and pain in this book and I bless her for doing that. This will not be just another book I read, nor will it be my favourite but I will be a big eye-opener and a lesson to not waste my life in feeling sorry for myself. To not take the easy road out because of you do not take risks or venture out of your comfort zone; if you give up all you love and live in a security bubble; then you won’t truly live and your story will not be one to tell, rather one to shrug off.

I give this book ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)



Bree xx

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Book Challenge May 11

I am now the proud owner of my favourite childhood books! Yay for me! The only downside is that they’re canceled library books from my school library. The upside? They were free!

(left to right); The Battle for Rondo, The Wizard of Rondo, The Key to Rondo, Before Green Gables, and Sherlock Holmes Long Stories.



Bree xx


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